Petit Dancers (ages 2 -3)

Children and their parents/caregivers share the joys of dance and music through song and movement while learning group and individual participation. Classes are 45 minutes long and meet once a week.  Petit Dancers do not perform in our end of year production.

Pre-School & Kindergarten Ballet (ages 3 - 5)

Our programs for young children are designed to incorporate learning, creativity, musicality and fun. Classes are taught by highly experienced teachers who all have a special love for teaching our youngest dancers.  Classes meet once a week for one hour.

Primary Ballet (Ages 5.5 - 7) 

Our Primary syllabus is specifically designed to prepare students for the graded levels.  Basic terminology and technique are taught. Musicality, free movement and joy of dance are emphasized throughout the class. Prior ballet experience is not required. Classes meet once a week and are one hour long. Children must be entering first grade in the current school year

Level One Ballet (Ages 7+)

Grade One ballet focuses on nurturing techniques, vocabulary, as well as exercises which develop strength, coordination and flexibility.  Musicality and joy of dance are continuously emphasized throughout the class.  Introduction to character dance. Prior dance experience is recommended but not required.  Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Level Two & Three Ballet (Ages 8+)

Grade II & III Ballet focus on technique including core stability, weight placement, turnout and line, while continuing to encourage creativity and the joy of dance. Free movement and character dance is explored.  Prior dance experience required.  Classes meet twice a week for an 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Students  are encouraged to study an additional dance form

Level Four & Five Ballet (Ages 10+)

Grade IV & IV Ballet focuses more intensely on technique both at the barre and center, while continuing to recognize and reward the awareness of artistry and dynamics.  Female students are eligible for Pointe work.  Ballet Classes meet twice a week for 1 hour and thirty minutes, Pointe Classes meet once a week for 1 hour and thirty minutes.  Students are strongly encouraged to study additional dance forms.

Intermediate Foundation Ballet (Ages 12+) Intermediate Foundation is the first level in the pre-professional Royal Academy of Dance levels.  The   curriculum-based program is designed for the dedicated dance student.  Students are invited to take their RAD ballet examination. Students are required to attend 2 ballet classes, a pointe class, and are strongly encouraged to study an additional dance form.

Intermediate & Advanced Ballet (Eval required)

Focusing on pre-professional oriented students, Intermediate and Advanced Ballet classes emphasize commitment, artistic integrity, performance quality, and technical excellence.  Qualified students will be invited to take their RAD vocational level ballet examinations.  Students in these levels are required to attend 3 ballet classes and  1 pointe class. Conditioning and Contemporary are strongly encouraged as well as other elective dance forms.