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Tap & Jazz Combo I (Ages 4 - 8)

For beginner students as well as 1st and 2nd grade students who are entering into their second year of tap and jazz.   Classes focus on the fundamental skills of rhythm in both Tap and Jazz.  Students explore the differing movement by performing choreographed foot work and floor work sequences to music. A half hour is dedicated to each dance style. 1 hour, once weekly

Tap & Jazz Combo II (Ages 7-11) 

For students with previous training in ballet or jazz, as well as new students. The one-hour class begins with a warm-up, isolations and stretching. Jazz vocabulary is expanded. Students learn fundamental jazz steps and combinations.  

1 hour, once weekly 


Theater Jazz (Ages 8+)

For students with some previous experience whether onstage or in the classroom. Classes begin with a warm up, isolations and floor sequences.  Elements of the class include: Classic Jazz and Musical Theater. 

1 hour, once weekly

Jazz and Tap 

Intermediate Tap (Ages 10+)

For students with dance training and tap experience. Class emphasizes technique through warm-up, across the floor, tap turns and combination. Classes focus on intricate rhythms and fun footwork to create challenging, musical and entertaining choreography.                            

 1 hour, once weekly

Advanced Tap  (Eval required) 

This class aims to push the limits of every student as both a dancer and a musician. Focuses on technique through challenging drills with emphasis on clarity, time and musicality in order to develop the strongest possible technical range for each student.     1 hour, once weekly

Advanced Jazz (Eval required)

This class is for dancers with technical proficiency and thorough understanding of vocabulary. Classes begin with a warm up, isolations and floor sequences, followed by combinations to contemporary music.  Elements of the class include: Classic Jazz, Musical Theater, and Street/Funk. 

1 hour, once weekly

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