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Triple Threat Prep!

Triple Threat Prep keep summer alive all year long. Offering three hours of fun! Triple Threat Prep, Triple Threat Theater Dance and Triple Threat Tap. Triple Threat Prep is a powerhouse class combining all elements that make a triple threat with the emphasis on acting. Triple Threat Theater Jazz, can be a continuation of this class where technique is seamlessly integrated into the class as popular musical theater routines are taught weekly. Triple Threat Tap hones technique and skills while exploring the many musicals that require tap. These classes are  based on the model of our popular summer program, Triple Threat Theater Camp. Throughout the year Improv, acting, singing, dancing tap and on camera work are explored. TTTC director Kate Mullen and Katie Proulx leas these classes with special guest appearances throughout the year. Open to all aspiring performers ages 8 - 17. 

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