Private Voice Lessons

Students work with Mr. Dev toward personalized singing goals through reliable techniques of vocal training.  An emphasis on uninhibited, free vocal production forms the basis of vocal technique.  Students become familiar with solfege, intervals and several other aspects of sound organization as it relates to musical comprehension and music theory. Emotional honestly and effective communication are consistently sought after while learning repertoire. 

Exploring Music (ages 4-6) 

A joyful and engaging introduction to music.  All the fundamentals of group music making are instilled and explored together.  Students listen and create, sing alone and with the group, improvise as well as learn repertoire.  And from start to finish, there is an expectation of respect and kindness.

Private Piano Lessons

Students work with Mr. Dev toward personalized goals through various avenues of piano pedagogy.  Beginner students learn to play in a way that mimics aspects of language acquisition: An emphasis on improvisation and playing by ear form the beginning stages of learning and music notation works its way in naturally as the student progresses.  Mr. Dev's goal for all his piano students is that they become fluent, technically capable and truly expressive musicians on the piano

Musical Theater Ensemble

Junior (ages 8- 12)  Senior (ages 12+)

All the musical skills utilized while singing in a musical theater context are targeted in this course. Students have the chance to sing both solo and in a group. The goal of this multi-faceted training comes down to beautiful and compelling storytelling on stage.