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LDA offers classes in:   

Class Requirements

Class placement is at the discretion of the instructor. Ages listed next to the levels are to be used as a gentle guideline for class consideration.  New students on the cusp of an age group may be asked to participate in both classes for the first week in order to assess the correct level of placement for optimum learning and growth.  All Ballet students Level Three and above are required to attend two ballet classes per week.  Students Level Five and above are eligible to be considered to attend Pointe Class. Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, and Advanced  level students are advised to attend a minimum of Three Ballet, one Pointe Class, Body Conditioning and one Elective each week to increase strength, stamina and maintain the proficiency that is required at this level.

Triple Threat Prep, Acro, and Hip-Hop lessons are open to all students and are part of monthly tuition. 

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